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Catches 200% - 300% More Fraud Than Our Competitors

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Accurate With Virtually 0% False Positives

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Lines up With Major Fraud Solutions in an Industry That Normally Doesn't

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  • Lead Generation

    Are you or your clients calling people that say they never filled out your form?  If your answer is yes, then you could be a victim of fraud. Anura can detect when a "Human Fraud Farm" fills out your form versus a real user. Thereby, reducing TCPA risks, company reputation, and wasted marketing dollars.

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  • eCommerce

    Anura validates users in real-time to reduce chargebacks. By ensuring only real users are purchasing your products, you'll effectively grow your bottom line.

  • Affiliate Management

    All affiliate programs have fraud. Anura detects the most sophisticated fraud allowing you to protect your clients in real-time. Anura offers the industry's most detailed reporting dashboard pinpointing exactly where fraud is coming from.

  • Click Campaigns

    Anura works with agencies, brands, and platforms to identify click fraud by providing detailed analytics to improve marketing decisions thus, boosting campaign performance.

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  • Call Campaigns

    When driving users to a landing page with a phone number, there is risk of receiving fraudulent calls. Anura indicates when it is safe to display the phone number optimizing campaign performance, saving call center resources, and identifying poor quality sources.

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  • Programmatic Campaigns

    Anura is one of the only platforms that offers a pre-bid solution which comes complete with a detailed reporting dashboard, giving you the ability to fully optimize your resources. Our post-click solution lines up with many other fraud solutions and provides a dashboard giving you real-time, in-depth, analysis that is unmatched in the industry.

    Programmatic Campaigns

No Scores, Only Definitive Answers

When you rely on a probability or confidence scoring model, you are playing the odds with your traffic filtering and leaving your success up to chance. Anura gives you a definitive answer. When Anura says it's BAD, it's BAD.

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Client Quotes

"I've had multiple ad fraud solutions and Anura is the first to align within a 5% variance to what each solution reported. That's big for us! My clients are happy with Anura and how closely it aligns with their current providers, and I reduced my overhead on ad fraud solutions by over $300,000 per year by moving to Anura."

Anura Identifies Real and Fake Users in ANY Digital Asset

Here are just a few examples:

  • Lead Generation

    Lead Generation

  • eCommerce


  • Mobile Ads

    Mobile Ads

  • Mobile Apps/In-App

    Mobile Apps/In-App

  • Affiliate Programs

    Affiliate Programs

  • Search


  • Social Media

    Social Media

  • Native Ads

    Native Ads

  • Video Advertising

    Video Advertising

  • CAPTCHA Replacement

    CAPTCHA Replacement

  • Programmatic


  • And Many More...

    And Many More...


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