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Anura Awarded TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal

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MIDDLETOWN, DELAWARE—January 31, 2020—Anura, a leading provider of ad fraud protection solutions, is excited to announce that it has been awarded the TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG). After achieving the TAG certification with independent validation by a third-party auditor, Anura’s platform is well positioned to be marketed to larger brand-name companies, increasing its market share and competitiveness within the fraud protection industry.

As brands and advertisers become more sophisticated in ensuring ad fraud protection, their partners and vendors are being held to a higher standard. These new standards require industry certification, such as the TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal. That requirement, combined with Anura’s increasing presence within the marketplace, created the right conditions for Anura to demonstrate its commitment to fraud prevention and increased legitimization in the market.

“Given Anura’s commitment to excellence, it is only natural for us to obtain and exceed the standards set forth within the industry,” said Anura CEO Rich Kahn. “We have worked very hard to outshine our competitors, and this level of certification validates that commitment and positions us to target customers that were previously unattainable.”

Anura is now one of a select number of anti-fraud measurement service providers that have earned TAG’s Certified Against Fraud Seal, positioning it well for companies who have a TAG Certified Verification System and must therefore use a vendor that is TAG Certified Against Fraud.

”After a lengthy and comprehensive third-party audit, the Anura platform, with all its supporting processes, was found to be fully compliant with TAG’s Certified Against Fraud guidelines, and it was awarded this industry benchmark certification to demonstrate the rigorous standards it has achieved,” said David J. Gail, Director of Operations and TAG Compliance Officer at Anura.

Anura’s TAG certification process was intensive and lengthy, starting with independent validation by an external auditing firm of all company policies to demonstrate compliance with all of the requirements of the TAG Certified Against Fraud program. Anura met all requirements.

“We are delighted to recognize Anura Solutions with the TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal to demonstrate the rigorous steps taken by the company to help the digital advertising industry fight fraud and improve the supply chain,” said Rachel Nyswander Thomas, COO of TAG. “Anti-fraud measurement companies such as Anura play an important role in the industry’s collaborative efforts to stamp out ad fraud across the globe, and we look forward to working with Anura to continue to raise the bar in 2020 and beyond.”  

About Anura

Anura is a provider of ad fraud protection solutions that monitor your traffic to identify real users versus bots, malware, and human fraud. Built and optimized on customer conversion data since 2005, Anura excels in conversion-based campaigns, finding more fraud with greater accuracy. Our integration offers complete transparency with a full analytics dashboard to identify bad traffic using a variety of metrics. For additional information, visit or contact sales at 888-337-0641 or  

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