Close your eyes and think of a bot. What do you see? A malicious scraper bot stealing high quality content off a web page? Perhaps a spybot, collecting your personal data without your permission?

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When you hear the word bot you likely think of a negative one (e.g. zombie bots). After all, bad bots have contributed a lot to the billion dollar ad fraud problem. However, not all bots are bad. There are good bots that can help your brand with a variety of needs and even fight fraud.

Here’s what you need to know.

The Benefits of Good Bots

Utilizing good bots can provide your brand with strategic advantages. For example, they can help you assist your customers with product questions during peak (or off) hours. And they’re a great tool for scouring the web for negative mentions so you can mitigate brand safety.

Here are some good bots that can potentially be an asset to your brand.    

Chatbots. Chatbots can help prospective customers by answering basic questions, and providing product or service information. They can also help fight fraud by sending out fraud alerts. For instance, your bank account may have a 24/7 chatbot that will notify you when any suspicious activity happens within your account.  

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Monitoring Bots. These internet bots periodically monitor web pages and report on metrics like page load time and website performance. Use these bots to detect any issues with your site so you can improve performance, and potentially detect fraud, too. You may find your metric reflects an anomaly that’s caused by bad bot traffic.


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Copyright Bots. When a bad scraper bot attempts to steal content from reputable sites, copyright bots fight against the theft. They continuously search the web for material that has been stolen, protecting your hard work from fraudster exploitation.

Crawlers. A crawler (sometimes called a spider) is a bot that works alongside search engines and discovers pages to add to the search engine’s index. These crawlers “crawl” billions of web pages to fetch data. They determine the ranking of your pages, so make sure you’re optimizing correctly.

Don’t Let Bad Bots Deter You

Sure, there are more bad bots (28.9%) than good bots (22.9%), which is daunting. But don’t let that deter you. While there are less of them, legitimate bots can still pack a powerful punch, protecting you against fraud, boosting your brand safety, and improving your customer service.


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Remember not all bots are malicious. Some bots just want to help, and that’s not so bad, is it?


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