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4 Major Challenges in Detecting Ad Fraud and How to Overcome Them

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As more businesses increase their focus on digital advertising, so do their chances of encountering ad fraud. In fact, ad fraud cost businesses an estimated $100 billion in 2022 alone.

Although technology has helped make it possible to detect ad fraud, numerous challenges still face advertisers. Ironically, advances in technology also enable fraudsters to craft new ways to dodge detection.

To fight back, it’s important to understand the challenges involved. This article will cover these challenges so you can take your advertising ROI to new levels.

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What Are the Challenges Associated with Ad Fraud Detection?

Essentially, there are four main challenges associated with detecting ad fraud. Any one of these can render solutions for catching ad fraud nearly useless.

Clients report that most solutions have a 10% - 15% false positive rate when identifying fraud. This issue can cost you many lost opportunities. When you mismark a real user as fraud, it can cost you lost revenue. For example, if a user is marked as fraud when buying airline tickets, the sale could be rejected, costing the client thousands for only one false positive.

Let’s examine how these challenges might influence the solution you choose for your business.

Lack of Transparency in the Industry

For starters, there’s a lack of industry transparency when it comes to ad fraud. Most fraud detection solutions hide why something is marked as fraud. This “black box” approach makes it hard to know how effective the solution truly is. Anura is different. We show you the proof of fraud in our analytics so you can be confident in our decisions.

Evolving Ad Fraud Tactics From Technological Advances

Another major challenge with detecting ad fraud is that technology is always evolving. Just when you might think detection is catching all instances of fraud, bad actors devise a new method for circumventing your efforts.

With the invention of new technology also comes new ways for fraudsters to slide under the radar undetected. This is why it’s so important to choose a detection company that stays ahead of the curve.

False Positives Due To Limitations Of Ad Fraud Detection Tools

Perhaps the most frightening challenge for those working to detect fraud is getting false positives. Some detection tools leverage inferior technology that flags a large number of real visitors as fraud. This means missed sales opportunities and potential harm to the reputation of your business.

Lack of Identification When It Comes To Ad Fraud

Finally, a major challenge with ad fraud detection is a lack of identification. Due to the privacy laws, it’s next to impossible to identify who is committing the fraud. While a solid solution can detect the fraud itself, most of the time you’ll never know who’s behind it.

Mitigating the Impact of Ad Fraud

Inferior detection tools can easily miss legitimate threats. To give you an example, Anura catches 200-300% more fraud than competitors by using hundreds of data points and continuously updating our platform. When you need to mitigate the impact of ad fraud, it’s essential to test the ad fraud detection solution for yourself. Look for solutions that offer a free trial. This can ensure you’re not stuck with a detection tool that doesn’t really work.

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Stop Ad Fraud in Its Tracks

When you’re trying to maximize the ROI of your online advertising campaigns, every visitor counts. The last thing you want is to pay for fraudulent clicks, impressions, or lead gen form submissions. That’s why finding a solution that can deliver ultimate accuracy is so crucial.

Anura offers a solution that’s not only easy to use but remarkably effective in detecting ad fraud. By analyzing data on every single visitor that arrives from your traffic sources, you'll be able to catch fraud in real time to deal with it in real time. Before a contact form is even submitted, you’ll know whether it’s fraudulent. Start your free trial today.

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