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COVID-19 and Ad Fraud: Is There a Correlation?

COVID-19 lead to more reliance on the Internet. This increase created greater opportunities for individuals to be victimized on ad fraud.

What Lead Generation Fraud Costs You

Lead generation fraud can drive up the cost of leads and cause numerous other problems for your business.

The Rise of Affiliate Marketing Fraud

Affiliate marketing programs can be an invaluable tool for driving new business. However, with as much money as affiliate programs generate, they have become a target for fraudsters.

Mobile App Fraud

$3 Billion Threat: Live Fraud paper found in Google's Play store.

Live Fraud Paper 2.0

Google Play fails to protect your devices.

Where is Ad Fraud Coming From

An in-depth look at where ad fraud is coming from geographically.

A Year Long Study in Ad Fraud

Why traffic scoring accuracy is the most important thing.


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