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Leading multi-channel agencies use Anura to improve performance, reduce chargebacks, avoid TCPA violations, and protect their reputations. 

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Improve Marketing Metrics

Anura enables you to drive rapid ROI in your ad campaigns while increasing client demand and conversions, improving engagement, and accelerating company growth. 


Boost Performance

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Reduce Client Chargebacks 

Client chargebacks can damage your agency’s reputation, impact your profitability, and even threaten your relationship with your clients. Anura enables you to detect fraud before you sell it to a client, reducing chargebacks and increasing profitability. 

Protect Your Clients

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Avoid TCPA Violations

Anura detects when a real visitor fills out your lead generation form, as opposed to a bot, malware, or human fraud farm, thereby enabling you to avoid costly TCPA violations. 

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Protect Your
Agency’s Reputation 

Anura lets you deliver clean traffic to your clients, increasing the chances they get the results they signed up for. In turn, this protects your reputation and increases client demand for your services.  

Protect Your Reputation

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