Internet bots are software applications that automate scripts. Companies often leverage internet bots to drive efficiency and improve the customer experience. However, not all bots are good bots. While good bots are helpful in creating a better user experience, hackers can create bad bots to infect computers with malware and compromise a user’s personal information. More sophisticated bad bots, like advanced persistent bots, are able to mirror human behaviors making fraud detection a greater challenge for advertising campaign reporting.

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Anura is an ad fraud protection software that enables marketers to monitor traffic to identify real users versus bots, malware and human fraud. Eliminating ad fraud creates more accurate customer conversion data that can be leveraged to maximize the ROI of campaigns.

Identify Malicious Internet Bots to Improve Security

Malicious internet bots can intercept personal information, putting customers’ security at risk while damaging the reputation of an organization. These bad bots come in all forms: spam bots, spy bots, zombie bots, file-sharing bots, and more. Malicious internet bots all act in different ways, so taking measures to protect your organization and customers from fraudulent activity can enhance security and drive business growth as a trusted site.

Taking down malicious internet bots starts with creating a safe environment for your website visitors. Ensure that all links and forms are secure, set up malware protection, and monitor ad campaigns to guarantee data accuracy.

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Detect Advanced Persistent Internet Bots to Enhance Campaign Quality

Advanced persistent internet bots (APB) are even more challenging to defend than traditional malicious bots. These bots can circumvent many existing security solutions’ detection. Advanced persistent internet bots disguise activity through IP address rotation, cookie recycling, and browser automation tactics. In addition, APBs can load JavaScript which can create inaccuracies in data reporting for ad campaigns, website traffic, and more. Faulty reporting may force ad campaign managers to adjust strategy in a way that’s not advantageous to the campaign.

Implementing ad fraud detection software like Anura allows marketers, managers, and business leaders to discover malicious bots that are negatively affecting advertising, website traffic, and customer conversion data.

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Increase Accuracy of Reporting with Ad Fraud Detection

Internet bots can be responsible for inaccuracies in advertising data reporting. Bots can skew data in a way that misrepresents the information. Click bots are designed to engage with advertisements with fraudulent clicks and even fraudulent conversions to drive up cost and entice organizations to spend more with a given source.

Accuracy of reporting is essential, especially when it comes to paid advertising campaigns. It is important to know how much is being spent, what advertisements are resulting in clicks, and where and how customers are converting. Getting these insights is beneficial in shaping future marketing strategy, and can only be done accurately if the impact of malicious internet bots is limited.

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Eliminate Bad Internet Bots with an Ad Fraud Detection Partner

Eliminating bad internet bots can save businesses significant capital on wasted ad spend, increase security, and improve the accuracy of advertising campaign reporting. Ad fraud detection software like Anura ensures that website visitors and those who click on ads are shielded from data breaches that could put theirs and others’ information at risk. Anura helps organizations improve traffic quality and detect malicious activity, ultimately resulting in additional revenue.

Anura is an ad fraud detection solution that allows marketers to increase campaign quality with advanced analytics and eliminates malicious bots that skew data, infiltrate devices, and steal campaign dollars. The software is flexible and works with programmatic, mobile, click, lead, and call campaigns. To learn more about eliminating ad fraud and maximizing campaign data and performance, fill out the form to speak with a member of our team today.