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Click Fraud

How Does Ad Fraud Affect Clicks?

In the early 2000s, pay per click (PPC) or CPC (cost per click) became the standard for online advertising. Advertisers looking to get their brands in front of online customers, used PPC to place their ads on search engines, on websites, and even in social media posts.  

Ad Fraud

How to Protect Your Blog From Fraud

Creating a blog from scratch is time-consuming, and if you lack a strong foundation in HTML coding and CSS, it can be frustrating, too.  

Anura In The News

CEO Rich Kahn Shares 3 Tips to Avoid Ad Blocking

For a while, 'ad blindness' was the biggest problem facing digital marketers, but now technology is making it easier for consumers to block ads before they ever land on a site. CEO Rich Kahn explains how focusing on relevance, context, and demographics can keep ads from being blocked.

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